Mangalam At A Glance

Mangalam (Tamil) as a word by itself has a strong prominence in our culture and way of life. It refers to prosperity, well-being, auspiciousness, enlightenment and success in our endeavours. It is in its deep meaning we aspire to selflessly prosper and help prosper the society.Mangalam Educational & Charitable Trust was founded by Mr.C.K. Kandasamy and Mrs.K.Selvamani Kandasamy and registered in the year 2002 as a Societal & Charitable trust to serve primarily in the field of education. It was founded with the sole notion of narrowing the wide gap in Education in our country and to empower the society through a comprehensive and sustainable framework. The trust acts as the ideological, philosophical, financial and administrative guide to all Educational Institutions functioning under its banner.

Mangalam Educational Institutions derived its name from the parent company Mangalam Groups also founded by Mr.C.K.Kandasamy. Mangalam Educational Institutions was built on the notion of providing affordable quality education to diverse segments of the Indian society. In it’s DNA we have instilled the power of perseverance and radical rationality to create knowledge and impart it through various channels.The group of companies employs over 1000 people in many industries ranging form Retail in Silks, Jewellery, Furniture, Stationery, Home utilities to Micro Finance. Located in Anthiyur it has become synonymous with the aspirations of small town people contributing big to the society. Over the years the company has been through various stages of development, seen ups and downs, but never dettered in its belieft that sustenance is the key to development.  This is how Mangalam has dwelled in the hearts of its customers and associates. Every life we touch we ensure that it is an unforgettable and memorable experience. We brought forth this same passion to education. In this will lies our intent to change the society one step at a time for the better.